Double R Ranch Trip 2005, Mullen, Nebraska

Dr. Gregg Eubanks

Dr. William Gregg Eubanks, Jr.

May 28, 1954 August 11, 2009

Long-time EAS Member Dr. Gregg Eubanks died unexpectedly of a sudden cardiac condition on August 11.

Gregg was the optometrist to many in southern Illinois, a well-known and respected member of his community and a visual telescope enthusiast who never tired of sharing his interest in the stars with others, or trekking off to some far-away dark site to observe with his friends.

He was the founding member of the informal group "The Obsessed of the EAS" which regularly observes at Dolan Lake in Illinois.

Gregg was an avid recumbent cyclist, active medical professional and past-President in the Illinois Optometric Association.

Gregg is survived by his wife Katina, his mother Eugenia, his brother Shad and his adult children Blaine and Glimmer.

Gregg was a great friend to us all!


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